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V2 Basic DTM Kit

V2 Basic DTM Kit


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The V2 basic kit will get you started by incorporating everything that should be needed to convert a Type 4 engine to upright cooling. This version has no oil cooler housing and no airhose mounts for a sharp, clean look in your custom engine bay. The V2 basic conversion cooling kit comes with the following components for years of performance cooling duty: 1-Hand crafted fiberglass shroud with gloss black gel coat. It has all the internal vanes, the throttle cable tube, and the case mounting plate. 1-Alternator stand/oil fill tube. 1-Alternator stand/oil fill tube mount bar with attaching hardware. 1-CNC billet crankshaft pulley. 1-Fan belt. 1-Oil cooler adaptor kit. You supply the oil lines. 1-Hexbar linkage adaptor kit including mounting hardware. 1-Type 4 conversion DVD. *NOTE* This unit will need to be drilled for sparkplug access by you for your custom fit. The enthusiast needs some fabrication skills and some tools

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Please note: Due to high demand, current lead time is 8 to 12 weeks wait on all DTM kits. We appreciate your patience. Kits sold by the Type 4 Store are the same used on all Aircooled Technology turnkey engines. The information for installation is provided on the install DVD included in the kit. There will be differences between different installations which cannot all be covered by the provided instructions, however the information provided by the DVD is sufficient for those with mechanical aptitude since customization may be required and should be expected.