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VW Type 1 DTM

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VW Type 1 DTM


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We are proud to introduce the latest evolution in aircooled technology- the VW Type 1 DTM, the ultimate in cooling for your upright VW Type 1 engine! What does “DTM” stand for?? DOWN THE MIDDLE! It’s the only cooling system available for the VW Type 1 that effectively and efficiently routes cooling air to all 4 cylinders equally and is both dyno, race and street proven to do so! It has seen multiple hours of dynamometer testing to enhance the airflow to the cylinders that need it most!! This is something that no other cooling system available presently incorporates! And don't worry…. If your vehicle currently has a VW Type 1 upright engine, the DTM will fit!

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Please note: Due to high demand, current lead time is 8 to 12 weeks wait on all DTM kits. We appreciate your patience.